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Camper Scholarship Fund

Comeca Camp Scholarships exist to help families with financial need send their kids to camp. Thanks to generous donations from many people who understand the life-changing impact of camp, we’ve been able to create a scholarship fund specifically designed to bless families in need, and give scholarships that can help cover the cost of camp for a child who would like to experience camp at Comeca. This is just another way Comeca Camp and Retreat Center carries out our mission : “Providing a place where ALL people can experience Christ.”


To apply for a scholarship, families begin with the blue button below. We’ve simplified the Scholarship Process, so there’s no longer an extra paper form to fill out. You’ll see the Scholarship Options on Step 4 of your Camp Registration Online and you can request the appropriate portion of financial assistance you’re requesting during the online registration process.
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Quick Question

Scholarship questions come in all the time! We’re here to help! These are a few of the things folks generally want to know about camp scholarships:

If you’re requesting a Comeca General Scholarship, a few of our Comeca Leadership Team Members will be aware of scholarships that have been assigned (for bookkeeping purposes), but the information will not be shared with the public or the Comeca Team as a whole. There will not be any distinction between campers who receive scholarships and those who do not.

If you’re requesting a scholarship from Angel Tree or from your local church, there may be other individuals within those organizations that require us to share scholarship allocation information.

This need-based program is meant to bless those who need assistance. As of the current moment, it is our joy to award scholarships to those who ask, and we trust that in a spirit of generosity, families will not apply for more than they need. Options for full-scholarship, half-scholarship, or pay-what-you- can are all utilized frequently. We understand that situations are always evolving and it is our prayer that if you are in need at this time, you’ll apply. And if you find yourself in a season of plenty in the future, you’ll pay it forward for the next camper who needs help.

If you’ve requested a full scholarship, our online checkout will require a $20 deposit per camper. Why? We really want camp to be a priority on your calendar. We know your child will have an incredible experience at camp, and we believe that a deposit can help families prioritize camp and keeps us from having late-notice cancellations (this also helps the children who may be on a waitlist for their session of choice, as we get more notice in the event of a cancellation). In special circumstances the deposit may be waived, so if this poses a problem for your current situation, give us a call at 308-784-2808.

Fabulous! We’re so grateful for other organizations who give camp scholarships! When you’re completing your Camp Registration Online & you reach the Scholarship Application Page, you’ll notice options for “Comeca General Scholarship”, “Angel Tree Scholarship”, and “Local/Home Church is Scholarshipping me”. You would simply choose the Local/Home Church option and fill out the necessary information. Comeca will connect with your church to make sure everything is taken care of properly.

Thank you for your honesty. If we allocated scholarship funds to your account for this season we will not technically reverse the allocation. However, we would be thrilled to put a donation into the Scholarship Fund, simply replenishing the funds that were allocated to you.

We serve an incredible God! He has been wonderfully faithful to Comeca since it was founded in 1950. We trust that the financial needs of camp will be upon the hearts of many, and that God will continue to lead people to give to Comeca so that we can continue to be generous to campers in need.

We want to thank everyone who supports Comeca, including Catalysts, Corporate Champions, guests, neighbors, friends, golfers, bbq eaters, the list goes on and on! We’re grateful for your generosity toward Camper Scholarships!

We’re happy to answer your questions. Simply reach out to Sara in the Comeca Office and she can help walk you through the process: admin@comeca.camp