Caleb Study

Building the Faith, Building the Future- 2027
" Lighting the Way for Future Generations"


We are seeking your insights as we contemplate a substantial growth initiative at Comeca. Our leadership is interested in hearing your thoughts and knowing your observations. Caleb and Joshua were sent into the Promised Land and asked what they saw and experienced. In this spirit, we turn our gaze forward, seeking input on the challenges and blessings that are present as we move forward.

You are invited to participate in a personal and confidential interview because of your relationship and involvement with Comeca. Your insights will contribute to a Caleb StudyTM designed to discern how God is moving within our community and to understand perspectives from those familiar with our ministry. Your honest feedback is vital, and your responses are confidential.

Please use calendar at the bottom of this page to schedule your thirty-minute personal interview at Comeca between June 18-20, 2024.

Comeca's Caleb Study is being conducted by