Be the change, make waves, and let’s impact eternity - one envelope at a time!

Have you heard of our ‘Beyond the Box’ Campaign?

As we anticipate a season of growth at Comeca, we’re thinking beyond limitations and trusting in God’s boundless provission. In preparation for this exciting journey, we have launched our ‘Beyond the Box’ Campaign.

How it works:

  • You have a box
  • It’s filled with empty envelopes labeled with numbers 1-100
  • Take an envelope, donate the amount shown, and return it to the box… so envelope number 1 is $1 donation to camp, and #51 is $51 donation to camp, and so on…

The ‘Beyond the Box’ Campaign is already gaining momentum! If you’re eager to join in, you can donate to an existing box by visiting here. Or, if you’re ready to kickstart your own box, contact, and we can get you connected! When every envelope is paired with a donor, the initiative successfully raises $5,050.